Welcome to GMRRunners.com – a photo website capturing your journeys through the Glendora mountains.  I will be photographing visitors to Glendora Mountain Road, known locally as GMR, on many weekends from various vantage points.  I will only post pictures that are worth having so if you saw me, saw a flash or just wondered where you are it may be that I made a boo-boo and threw the shot away – sorry.

Latest updates:

12/17/2014 – Dr. Kevin Cressey and the Jaycees hosted another Op Santa Project party last night and it was a blast.  I was there taking pictures and have posted them on my Images by Nick site.  Click on the date to access the images.  I will donate all net profits to the Op Santa Project through the Jaycees so please encourage your friends to buy lots of pics!

11/22/2014 (Actually 12/14/2014 but the event was then).  At last I have posted my images from the Fit 4 Fall run in Glendora.  I am using my other website for this so that you can order prints and downloads directly.  ALL NET PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO THE BRIAN CLAY FOUNDATAION!!  Please encourage your friends to take advantage of rock bottom pricing and let’s make a difference for the kids in the area.  For more info on the race check out their site here:  www.fit4fall.com.


8/24/2014 – WOW!  Has it really been almost a year since I was on GMR – shame on me.  I’m back and spent a couple of wonderful hours there yesterday.  I am paying the price in sunburn today, though, as I apparently was not diligent enough in applying the SPF 110.  I hope you find something you like in the images.

6/24/2014 – Finally published images from the Corral 35 Arena Trail Trials Obstacle course final on 6/14/2014.

5/25/2014 – Finally published the images from last weekend’s Corral 35 Arena Trail Trials Obstacle Course shoot.

5/23/2014 – Last weekend (5/17) I was privileged to shoot the Corral 35 Arena Trail Trials Obstacle Course again last weekend.  I’m very late to the party but I have started uploading the images from last weekend.  The Juniors are posted and I will get the rest updated as quickly as I can.  I’m adding the images to separate pages for each class but keeping a single overview page for all the 2014 events.

4/5/2014 – My wife prompted me to go to the Glendora ETI and shoot the Arena Trail Trials there.  I shot a similar event last year and had a lot of fun.  This time I got a little trigger happy and am just finished wading throught the 1,800 frames from the day!

I’ve posted all the images in 4 sections for the 4 classes that I shot:
I took a few more images that weren’t directly part of the competition and have posted them on the general page for this event shortly.  You can get there from this link.

2/16/2014 – After too long an absence I’m back.  I visited my friends out in Rancho Cucamunga for to Inland Empire Exotics monthly meet.  There was, as ever, an impressive range of hardware but also a great bunch of really friendly people.  Check it out.

12/14/2013 – The Glendora Christmas Parade was larger and better attended that last year and, in all honesty, the best we have seen in our 7 years in Glendora. The weather was perfect and the floats varied. The only slight hitch was the delayed start as the L.A. County Fire Department helicopter was delayed getting here. A small price to pay for a great event.

9/15/2013 – This was a huge day for me.  I shot a meeting of around 75 exotic sports cars in Rancho Cucamonga.  This is a new group that meets monthly to talk about all things motoring and show off their toys.  As well as the meet, itself, we took a leisurely drive along the freeway(s) and took a slew of pictures along the way.  Finally we went to a secret location somewhere in the Inland Empire for some staged photos.  My thanks go to Eddie and Mark for inviting me to come along.  I’m afraid the McClaren has been eclipsed as the coolest car for me (if only by sheer volume).  But it’s still a great car.

– 9/10/2013 – At last I’ve posted the shots from 8/24/2013.  No excuse except that other things kept bumping this off the top of my todo list.  Useful lesson in prioritization so please accept my apologies for the delay and enjoy the shots.  If you happen to know anyone from the British car club that ran through please do send them my way – I’d love to get their feedback and also have a chance to shoot them properly.  It brought back nostalgic memories of my very first car – a blue MGB Roadster.

9/7/2013 – Slow (and hot) day today.  I spent 3+ hours on GMR today but only captured around 100 shots.  Some of that was me futzing about with the cameras but mostly it was because no-one was about.  May be the old song is true and only Mad Dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun.

8/18/2013 – Well it’s actually 8/23 now that I am posting the pics … but they are from 8/18.  Unfortunately my trusty 28-70 lens has never been the same after getting hit on a hiking trip and it let me down on a number of shots.  Oh well … time to go shopping.  Be that as it may I still have some great pics for you to enjoy.

8/17/2013 – Went up the hill late in the afternoon today – starting around 3PM.  Probably not the best time to go as it was fairly quiet.  Also one of my lenses was misbehaving so I lost a large number of the shots that I took.  If that shot was of you I apologize.  I think I may be going shopping soon.   I hope you enjoy the shots that did make it tho’

– 8/15/2013 – Late but not forgotten … here are the shots from 8/10/2013 (see below as well).  Sorry to have taken so long to get these out – everything came together at the same time …  No excuse really but here they are.

8/11/2013 – Here are the rest of the shots from Sunday.  I’m posting out of order and will get Saturday’s shots up in the next day or two.  But since folks were asking for Sunday – that’s what goes up first!

8/11/2013 – A bunch of exotica cars went by today.  I’ve posted these first and will follow up with the rest of the shots later tonight.  Check them out – you don’t see this very often!

8/10/2013 – Back to my normal routine of spending some quality time on GMR.  I got lots of shots today but lost a load of them due to the weeds.  Remind me to take a weed whacker with me next weekend!

8/4/2013 – Several hours on GMR produced a plethora of fun shots.  Late but not forgotten the pictures are now posted – check them out.

8/03/2013 – This is becoming a habit – 2 weekends in a row?  I’m back for a while now and trying different times of day.  Also I was playing with a new camera today which proved interesting.  It’s the new Canon EOS M mirror less body – essentially a modern day equivalent of the rangefinder of old.  It’s a great camera but, I’ve concluded, not well suited to this type of photography.  Lesson learned!  That being said I caught some great shots today that I hope you will enjoy.

7/27/2013 – Back on GMR after 8 weeks – where did the time go?  I had a friend with me and we were playing with panning shots so look for blurry background and lots of speed.

6/29/2013 – My wife asked me to photograph her at the Glendora Trail Trials today.  While there someone asked if I was staying for the entire day and I answered “I guess I am now”.  What a great event – lots of beautiful horses being expertly ridden round an increasingly difficult course.  And the people were really friendly too.

6/23/2013 – My son persuaded me to take him and his friends to watch the longboard racing at Angies Curves.  What a fantastic event – great skating, great camaraderie, very few egos and good emphasis on safety.

6/4/2013 – Just completed uploading the last shots from Saturday.  I’ve included a few new views to mix it up a bit.

6/1/2013 – Another busy day with 500+ shots taken. I’ve posted the first set but still have a load to go. I’ll try to get them posted in the next day or two but please bear with me as I will be traveling on business.

– 5/27/2013 – I’ve just posted the shots from Saturday – 610 in total (after weeding out the unusable ones).  Since there are so many I’ve split them into 3 pages – bicycles, cars ‘n trucks, and motorcycles.  I hope you find what you’re looking for.  I have also started posting some of the most interesting shots on facebook.  You can’t purchase from there but it serves as a useful showcase.  If you had a moment I’d really appreciate your taking a look and liking my page.

– 5/25/2013 – Since I took close to 1,000 shots today it may take be a little while to get them posted.  I should have them up my Monday.
– Coolest car on the road has some competition.  Check out the 2 911s that were enjoying a spirited drive.  If not the coolest then certainly they were the loudest – and what a noise!  Red 911 GT3 and White 911 no badge but serious bits!

– 5/19/2013 – New location further up into the mountains. Since they covered the road in tar snakes where I used to sit I’m trying out new spots. The scenery is definitely better up here but I get fewer cyclists, cars and skate boarders. The motorcyclists are a friendly bunch tho’. I’ve also bowed to public opinion and moved my logo to the lower left corner of the pictures

– 5/14/2013 – I’ve fixed the scripts so that portrait pictures now show properly
– Coolest car on the road still goes to April 20th’s showing – McLaren MP4

– 5/13/2013 – Added the first batch of photos from May 12th 2013.  A few of us went further up into the mountains to play with different shooting angles.  I’ll get those posted in a day or so.

Thanks for visiting.


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    Keep up the awesome pictures, always glad to see photographers on GMR !!!

  2. btate868 says:

    Ill definitely show my support and purchase some pics, very nice work man. I also have to work on the old BP, tons of good practice to be had up there.

  3. btate868 says:

    Good evening Nick,

    I didnt see you for a few weeks up on the mountain but noticed you were there this past saturday the 27th, will you be posting pics from that day? Thanks in advance.

  4. jbart003 says:

    You surprised me at the apex of a blind corner :) Glad to see photographers at GMR. I cant wait to see the pictures of today’s run. Thanks!

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